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March 15 - 19 2021

CONNECT.KG Discover the Next IT Hub of Central Asia

Connect.KG is fully online conference that will bring together local and international IT startups, digital businesses, and IT industry specialists. Featuring over 40 local Kyrgyz IT companies!

  • Virtual Product/Service Exhibition
  • B2B networking
  • Industry Expert Presentations

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Expo exhibition featuring:

IT Education and Remote Learning


Digital Tourism



Emerging Technologies in KG

Business solutions

Health and sciences

Program and Speakers

Conference schedule

18:00 - 19:00 (GMT+6)

CONNECT.KG Opening Ceremony

17:00 - 18:00 (GMT+6)

SPEAKER: Esen Niiazov, Peaksoft

"Zero to One in IT" - How I Moved from Batken to the United States and Launched My IT Career

18:00 - 19:00 (GMT+6)

EXPO: Business Solutions Session A

19:00 - 20:00 (GMT+6)

EXPO: IT Education and Remote Learning Solutions

20:00 - 21:00 (GMT+6)

SPEAKER: Tilek Mamutov, Outtalent

"The Future of IT in the Kyrgyz Republic"

17:00 - 18:00 (GMT+6)

SPEAKER: Ouali Benmeziane, WebCongress

"Digital Marketing for IT Startups"

19:00 - 18:00 (GMT+6)

EXPO: E-Commerce

17:00 - 18:00 (GMT+6)

SPEAKER: Nikita Rydjih, FitJab

"Developing an Innovative Global Product"

18:00 - 19:00 (GMT+6)

EXPO: Digital Health, Sciences, Tourism

19:00 - 20:00 (GMT+6)

EXPO: Business Solutions Session B

18:00 - 19:00 (GMT+6)

EXPO: Emerging Technologies in KG

19:00 - 20:00 (GMT+6)

SPEAKER: Aurora Li, Facebook

"Facebook for Kyrgyz Republic: How to Put Your Brand on the Global Map"

Featured speakers

About HTP

High technology park of the kyrgyz republic

High Technology Park is a government organization and a key tech player building an innovation ecosystem in the Kyrgyz Republic.

HTP shapes the IT industry in Kyrgyzstan and strongly supports tech businesses by providing tax benefits to companies and entrepreneurs both local and foreign. The organization welcomes international partners in order to foster an export-oriented economy and actively engage with the global tech community.

In 2019, residents of the High Technology Park generated more than $14 million, a 65% increase from 2018. 84% of the total production was created for export. Exports to the US alone grew 25% in the last quarter over the previous year. By 2024, HTP is anticipated to generate $200 million in annual aggregate revenue and up to 10,000 domestic IT-related jobs.

On the national level, HTP runs incubation programs for tech startups, educational initiatives to increase enrollment in IT programs and improve online learning, and various events to create opportunities for industry professionals and cultivate tech culture among the youth of the Kyrgyz Republic

High Technology Park strives for global growth and a vibrant, sustainable tech ecosystem built with the great talents of Kyrgyz professionals.

Top 7 Reasons to Visit Connect.KG


Discover the Next IT Hub of Central Asia

The Kyrgyz Republic has become an emerging outsourcing market for international tech startups and SMEs seeking business processing and IT services, due to its zero percent tax regime, low overhead costs, and skilled local IT workforce.

There is an increasing demand for collaboration and a spike of interest in the tech gem of Central Asia. Connect.KG will be the first international IT expo in Kyrgyzstan set to help in understanding the peculiarities and the possibilities of its tech market.


Meet and Interact with the Key Industry Players

Emerge yourself into a new exciting tech environment. IT experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales executives, investors, marketers, and interested observers will all benefit from being a part of Connect.KG.

Visitors will get a chance to connect with the leading IT companies, organizations, and professionals in Kyrgyzstan. Explore services and solutions to achieve your tech-driven objectives.


Expand your market

Access a new exciting workforce market to scale your business with ease or create your own tech startup/product efficiently. Learn the benefits of launching a branch in Kyrgyzstan and start your business journey in the next hub of Central Asia.


Make an Impact

Get to know Kyrgyzstan and make an impact through investment opportunities in tech startups, innovative infrastructures, IT education institutions, or through mentorship and consulting. Connect.KG will help you navigate the ecosystem and the ways you become a part of it.


Real Insights - Not Sales Pitches

Connect.KG is both a business and an informative event. Allow yourself to get to know the market beyond the sales pitches and into transparent and raw insights into Kyrgyzstan’s tech ecosystem


Offer Your Solutions

Foreign companies and organizations are encouraged to participate in showcasing their tech solutions, services, and ideas. The IT industry in Kyrgyzstan is only starting to bloom and has a vast space for tech opportunities. Be one of the firsts to enter the region and create the vision of the future.


No Visitor or Travel Fees

This virtual event is at no cost to you. You’ll be introduced to a wealth of information without the hassle of traveling and expenses on tickets, and passes. Safe, effective, time and energy saving. Welcome to Connect.KG!

Why Kyrgyzstan

Why Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic’s emerging ICT sector is poised to be a major economic driver to power modernization and regional development, offering significant investment and trade opportunities in the “Virtual Silk Road”.

While the country has lagged behind its regional neighbors in ICT access and digital infrastructure development, the IT sector of Kyrgyzstan is one of the fastest growing and promising industries in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In the last six years, the Kyrgyz Republic has risen in the rankings of the Global Innovation Index from 117 th (2013) to 94 th (2020) among 131 countries. This year, Kyrgyzstan has advanced by three rankings in Innovation Output.


Under the digital transformation roadmap, the Kyrgyz government is targeting ICT modernization of customs and logistics centers, healthcare service centers, educational institutions, and transport hubs.

Prospects for U.S. companies include: broadband internet access technologies, consumer electronics, educational software, fintech and banking services, analytical software, hardware, cyber security solutions and legal and financial services.

The country is also an emerging outsource market for international tech startups and companies seeking business solutions and automatization of their services, due to its 0% tax regime, low overhead costs, and highly skilled local IT workforce.

For more information about doing business in the Kyrgyz Republic, please visit:


The legislation provides repatriation of investments, property, and information out of Kyrgyz Republic, guarantees of protection against investment expropriation and reimbursement of losses incurred by investors, guarantees of income use and freedom of monetary transactions, and others.

Existing laws for investor protection are:

  • The Law "On Investments in the Kyrgyz Republic"
  • The Law "On Investment Funds"
  • The Law “On Legal Protection of Computer and Database Software”

Foreign Direct Investment into the ICT sector

The cost of hiring IT-specialists in Kyrgyzstan


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